June 2020

circuit saver

In a show of support for the fortitude and resilience of advertisers and clients, SMRT’s XCO has launched the “Circuit Saver Pack” (CSP) to gradually help them reach out to customers across the digital OOH network as the Singapore economy opens up.

The Circuit Saver Pack (CSP) is accessible to all clients regardless of budget. Valid till 22 June 2020, there is no minimum spend for participation into CSP. For every dollar spent, the advertiser would enjoy thrice the media value in terms of credits that can be used across all SMRT XCO-managed media formats except SMRT Premium stations.

Illustration: An advertiser spends $50,000, and will receive $150,000 worth of media credits.

For advertisers with media bookings of $50,000 and above, the production cost will be rebated with matching bonus media value for in-train panels/4 sheets, subject to availability

“The package is unique with access to all media formats. It allows huge flexibility and cuts across support for all clients, be it with a $1,000 budget or a $100,000 budget.” added Ms Jeslyn Tan, Vice President, Transit Business, XCO. 

“In the new normal, SMRT XCO will be innovating more and extending flexibility in our media offerings and packages. We will work with brands and advertisers to connect better with customers across our digital OOH network.” Dawn Low, MD & EVP, SMRT Experience. 

Please refer to the CSP package and contact a sales representative for a chat.